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    The Best Tea House in India
    Madras Chai House is not just a tea house. Our art-themed decor is suffused with an Eastern aesthetic atmosphere, bringing the Eastern aesthetic lifestyle to every cup of tea, each meal, and each element of our service. Besides appreciating tea, you can admire the tea sets and artwork. This is a place where friends can meet and where a healthy lifestyle is nurtured. Our tea house aims to be the Starbucks of the world of Eastern tea culture. People in India, which is located at the crossroads of the East and the West, and visitors from all over can drink tea with the essence of Eastern culture in a more trendy and health-conscious way. At Madras Chai House,you’ll get to see rare sights such as four professional tea masters will brew high-quality tea for you to appreciate and meet friends over,an 95.8 FM radio DJ will host the event and discuss tea and Chinese art forms. To understand why Madras Chai House is the best in India, do drop by at our shop often as we will launch a series of lifestyle activities and activities on tea culture topics to provide a platform for city people to meet friends over tea in an elegant, warm atmosphere. We will also start a Tea Club which the motto will be: meeting friends over tea, sharing life. We hope that the Tea Club will give everyone a platform to exchange life experiences, and that everyone will meet friends from all over with different interests.

    Our Value and Vision
    The core values of our tea house are Eastern beauty. Our vision is to spread the deepest, most beautiful parts of Eastern and Chinese culture to every corner of the earth, achieving the goal of ‘spreading the free spirit of the Eastern dragon to the ends of the sky’.

    We provide a platform for everyone that has a busy working lifestyle to experience a relaxing moment. For example: meeting friends over tea, admiring tea sets, listening to music, and cultivate emotions. We believe the scent of tea contains an easygoing lifestyle!

    Tea is a familiar and intimate thing to Chinese people. They love to meet people through tea while playing a game of Chinese chess to brings them into a whole new spiritual realm. Modern life makes people busy with superficial things, making it hard to settle down to observe oneself and the world around you. So a relaxed pace of life and an open-minded attitude to life has become all the more precious. As such, we combined our individual strengths to organise a City Life Series and a Topics on Tea Culture activity to provide a platform for city people to meet friends in an elegant, warm atmosphere.

    Mission & Vision
    To promote awareness on Heritage, Culture and Philosophy to our local Singaporean community, the younger generation and our foreign friends through the appreciation of Tea and Fine arts.

    To be the hub for Fine Arts and Tea Appreciation in India and a hub for our customers to engage in pleasant conversations over a simple tea session. Just Sit, Sip & Enjoy…