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    Side Stall .

    Our side stalls have a strong steel frame and flame retardant PVC covers. They are available in different layouts such as counter at the front or rear, half or full sides.

    Table type with Fitted covers.

    Our table stalls with striped fitted roof covers and matching table skirts are a very attractive traditional market stall ideally suited to town centres, shows, exhibitions etc.

    Walk in with Tables.

    This type of stall can be used as an ordinary walk-in stall, but extra fittings are provideĀ­d to make 2 ft-wide tables down both sides and across the back of the stall, to make a large, covered table display area. Goods can be displayed above the tables, down the sides and accross the rear of the stall as well as on the tables. This stall can be used as a walk-in only, with a table down one side, down both sides or with tables all around.